Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Six Things

My Frogger Kristin tagged me a while ago to reveal "six things most people don't know". Typically I don't do tag-items, but decided to make an exception for this one because I wanted to be vain and creative and play in the snow.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a cool, free, online gadget that would help me in my presentation so flickr will have to do.
Instructions! Click on the picture and then click on the slideshow icon just to the right of the picture (it looks like a little mini projector screen). You can speed through or just let it play, but you have to go in order or it won't make sense!

Also...this took a ridiculously long time (you can tell by the changing light) and I practically froze my hands off. I do NOT recommend this method to any logical, self-preserving person. Especially if they have bad circulation.
However, all irrational, destructive persons who love the snow and have some extra yarn and time - I challenge you to a snow-yarn-writing duel!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Winter Wonderlands

Spring and Fall will always be my true favorites, but I really love having equal portions of all four seasons. Winter is very magical in its own muffled, chilly, haunting way.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Advent Conspiracy

I just found this on Kelli's blog.
It's the most inspiring commercial I've seen in years. Possibly ever.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Short, Fat and Proud of That

In honor of today being our last day of Artistic Anatomy, I have some very special things to record here in my blogger.

1) Appreciate the masters of Anatomy. The REAL masters: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Leon Joseph Florentin Bonnat, John Singer Sargent, Pierre Auguste-Cot, James Tissot to name a very very few. But seriously - anyone who understands anatomy had to work freaking hard to get there. I spent a countless hours trying to copy this from books and a skeleton model. They can just pull it out of their heads! No shortcuts, but it's worth it.
(^I wish I could do that. This is John Singer Sargent's)

2) We're China-doll fragile. Anything can kill us. Changes in our environment, position in the solar system, atmosphere etc = death and destruction. How on Earth are we still alive? And how did we get to be the top of the food chain?? (Aethieism makes me laugh.)

3) Females are much more...cushioned males. That's not new, but I never realized how drastic the difference was. The comparative picture in my anatomy bookis almost comical. Males have a total of seven fat pads (not counting feet, hands or cheeks). Seven TINY ones - a couple around the knee, under the gluteus maximus, one over the pubis, and two on the trunk. Females have thirteen HUGE ones. Since they're colored in pink they look kind of like globual aliens trying to take over the body. Ergo - why the female form has gentler curves and more dynamic proportions.

And why it is phenomenally more impressive when a girl gets a six pack. They have to work through a whole extra layer of fat before they make it visible!
(^also ergo - why James Tissot painted only women. Although the fun dresses may have had something to do with it too...)

4) The ingenious mechanics of the shoulder girdle (i.e. clavicle, scapula, and maubrium) are what allow such great arm flexibility. Fun experiment: raise your arm until its straight out and your scapula won't move. Beyond those 90 degrees, though, your scapula takes over control of the movement.

5) The knee is pretty complex. The patella on top is encased in tendons and makes sure we don't pinch all the leg muscles that converge there when we bend/straighten our leg. There are a couple fat pads in that area to allow smoother functioning too. The combination - all the muscles, fat pads and bone is what makes the complex form of folds and furrows. All of it is necessary, though. It's a very important joint.

6) The last two ribs are just floating...apparently without purpose. heh.

7) The last bones of our cocyx are also completely useless. (Tail remnants maybe?)

8) The Pelvis is really just a basket of organs with the rectus abdominas holding them all in.

9) The swim suits models wear at BYU have become ten times more annoying. I never recognized how intrusive they were. An aside: The swimsuits is not a church thing. First Presidency is okay with it. It's a rule instituted because someone a while back thought that nude models were pornographic. Stupid person.

10) Overall - the Human Figure is just amazing. And the more I study it, the more amazing it gets. They really are divine designs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the ribcage

A t-shirt design for my Artistic Anatomy class.

If classes were fruits this one would be a pineapple. Thick, tough, prickly outside; meat overflowing with juice and sweetness on the inside.
And enough acid to burn your fingerprints and tastebuds off if you eat too much of it at once.

Thanks, Niki. It's been exotic and delicious.

There are a lot of tag lines for Anatomy t-shirts. I think that was the funnest part of this project:
--Artistic Anatomy: It's what's shows on the outside that counts.
--It's an inside joke.
--I bet I can find your Anterior Superior Iliac Spine before you can.
--Tibia or not to Tibia? That is the question.
--My Trochanter's Greater!
--It's better underneath.
--I'll Tensor YOUR Fascia Lata!
--I've been through Artistic Anatomy and back. And all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Those are all rip-offs from other quotes, though. Think you can do better?
10 points if you make up another one and leave it in my comments.
50 points if its awkward.
100 points + a soda if I literally lol.