Friday, May 23, 2008

Lighting F_8

Well, the never-ending story that was f_8 has finally ENDED! haha! Passed OFF, my stubbornly lit friend. Luckily, I didn't put you through the tedium of the rest of that story, so you just get to see this: The happy ending part.

This is somewhat similar to what it will look like in the final film. The Background will probably be differently placed, and Grandpa's eyes won't be silver slits either, but otherwise -- this is pretty much it!

P.S. Huge thanks to Al Bradshaw who helped me a lot! :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just Because

I miss posting. Now that I've stopped using the Cintiques as a supplement organ, I hardly ever do traditional stuff! I literally spend a good 10-12 hours a day on the computer. It's valuable time, of course, and I enjoy it. But I'm still homesick for some traditional stuff.

On the other hand, yesterday I found an amazing lighting tutorial! This is it: Amazing Lighting Article. I learned all about diffused lighting and such so could attempt replication. That didn't go especially well...mostly because I was trying force my will upon the wrong lighting rig and it rebelled.
So tomorrow I'm starting again with the RIGHT rig. Hopefully that won't be as insanely frustrating. And if I'm lucky it won't take ten stinking minutes for every render either.

In other news: I'm in love with google reader. It's supplementing my animation education via blogs which is way cool. And also free. :P