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Laura Randle
            Seeking employment as Story Analyst, Painter, Animator, or Production Coordinator
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah (August 2006 – present)
·         Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Animation), GPA: 3.78 (August 2012)
·        Brigham Young Scholarship (2008, 2009, 2011), Department of Visual Arts Talent Award (2008)
·         Kites (Student Emmy Winner 2008)
o   Animator and Lighter in Maya
o   Student Animation directed by Jed Henry
·         Groupwise (Fourth Place in Novell Groupwise Competition)
o   Animator in Flash
o   Student Commercial directed by Asia Stryker
·         Butcher’d Meats (Winter 2011-present)
o   Animator in Maya
o   Student Animation directed by Brandon Peterson
·         Estefan (Winter 2011-present)
o   Storyboard Artist and Animator in Flash and Maya
o   Student Animation directed by Jeff Call
·         Izzy (Fall 2008-Spring 2009)
o   Head of Story and Producer, Co-director
o   Student Animation co-directed by Sean Pando
·         Anticom (Fall 2008)
o   Animator in Maya
o   Student Animation directed by Eric Armstrong


o   BYU Animation Student Films
o   Student Group projects requiring intensive collaboration as well as skills required in production
o   3D Animator, Center for Teaching and Learning, Brigham Young University (dates)
o   3D Animating in Maya for educational projects.
o   Graphic Design on invitations and pamphlets for Smart Financial (President: Craig Judd) of Provo, UT
o   Oil, gouache, watercolor painting experience (plein-aire and in-class)
o   Illustrator for Aimee Ferre of Olive Branch Design in Salt Lake City, Utah
o   Freelance illustration for a promotional “Fairy-Ferre Tale” book.
o   Representative of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Samara Russia (June 2009-December 2010) -   Volunteer service requiring interpersonal, creative teaching, and time management skills