Sunday, May 3, 2009


In an effort to learn Flash, I accepted an offer from Film Student Asia Stryker to do this animation for the Novell Groupwise competition. It was fun and we might actually have a fighting chance at this thing! There are two different logo-endings. I like the first one better. It flows a little better, I think.
SO!...for your perusing pleasure:

UPDATE [5/22/09] - We got Fourth Place in the Competition. But that's only because there was some pretty rampant Nepotism going on. It's causing a mini-scandal in the Film Program right now. Just know, though - We WOULD HAVE gotten third. :P


Aaron Ludwig said...

Way to go. Good luck with this.
Asia Stryker is a cool name.

kwistin said...

Good work, dear! I love it. Watched it 3 times. As a result,as I type this I can't help but hear the all-encompassing sound of my keyboard.

I like the first one better, too. Creative and effective to have the "R"s connect.

Let's sketchbook. This week. :)

J said...

You guys are so going to win.

Jake Wyatt said...

Classy. Has a bit of that Paschal feel.

Murphy said...

Aawesome! I loved it.
thump thump thump