Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sketchventure-sode in Provo

At about 9:00p, Kristin asked me if I was doing anything. I guessed I didn't since I was done with Drew's graduation and we went on a little sketch adventure in Barnes & Noble and Gelato's.
SO fun.
Friends that sketch together stay together.

Jake and Anthony told me about these watercolor brush-pens and I can understand why they're so enthralled by them. I've got Kristin hooked on them now too. :P

PS. Jon J Muth and Brittney Lee ARE AWESOME.


kwistin said...

haHA!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

(did that cover all the points I was agreeing on? YES YES YES YES!!!...hopefully that should cover it)


Chelsea Stebar said...

These are all awesome. Such style.