Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sketchventure-sode in SLC!

Saturday was Sketch adventure day in Salt Lake!

I went with these ^ two wonderful people to paint/sketch/photograph the cool houses in Northern SLC. Even though we didn't find the neighborhood we were looking for, we did find plenty of cool houses.

Ivy may be destructive to your house, but it gives the house such a rustic, lived-in look. I guess it's kind of like a house's sun tan. Bad for it, but so irresistibly pretty....

Look! They match! :)

^ This house was slightly to the right of the cool driveway below.

Sunlit trees are sooooo beautiful.

I can't even say how great it was to paint outside. I'm taking a plein aire class when I get back.

1 comment:

kwistin said...

oooohhhhhh that was so much fun. my favorite of yours is still the white house. so fabulous. i call more sketchisodes and sketchventures when you get home.

that's banking on the fact that i don't go on a mission and get called to samara and we have missionsketchisodes in russia.

i'm just sayin'. :)