Sunday, May 31, 2009

If Elmo were Emo...

While we were in SLC, we went to Urban Outfitters and found out that my camera has a timer. And that Urban Outfitters has a lot of cool merchandise.
Partly because we all watched Alphabet-shows when we were younger and thus have a natural inclination to play with big letters, partly because Kristin is Typographoholic and partly just because the letters were pretty - we played composition games with them for approximately an hour and half before heading home. hehe

We're going to pitch to Sesame Street and see if they can't make the show a little edgier and more accessible to their young adult audiences.

This program was made possible by Viewers Like You. Thank you.


Chelsea Stebar said...

Awesome, yo. I'm diggin' it.

CoyoteLion said...

Emo that makes me all sorts of curious what he would WEAR! haha! This is hilarious, La-OO-ra!

Zachary said...

We could totally call it Urban Street. I would watch it. And, maybe for the real show, we could invest in a real Z.

kwistin said...

1) i couldn't have put this better myself. and i like my new title: typographoholic.

2) i'm proud to be a viewer like me, if it makes this program possible.

3) i'm going to miss you dearly.

4) but i'm super proud of you and am so excited for all the things you'll be doing!

5) when sesame street calls back, i'll write to tell you all about it. ;)