Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sometimes in middle of everyday bustle, we even had opportunities to do fun artsy-fartsy things.

Warm and on the Cutting Edge of Fashion. Win-win. :)

Pinyata! Gangsta, christmas penguin pinata.
Waiting to get into Sleeping Beauty the Ballet. (WOW)

The Plan of Salvation! So brilliantly simple that it can even fit in a simple chalk-drawn diagram in front of our church building!


Ginna said...

Hi Laura, welcome home!
Love all the awesome mission pictures. I hope you had the best time.
Oh, and Kris and I saw the Sleeping Beauty ballet while we were in Vienna. Or wait, maybe it was Cinderella? Shoot, now I can't remember, but whatever it was it was AWESOME. Even though I can't remember what it was. Oh well, anyway, can't wait to see you one of these days!

Murphy said...

You guys are silly! But very creative! Is that sister j. With the camera? She took that to her mission?? Wow, that's awesome.

Rob Allen said...

Hi Laura,

I guess that you are back. I hope I get to hear some your stories.

Take care,


Jake Wyatt said...

Hee. So glad your'e back! Also, that sweater is WICKED cool.

Also, I use immaculate language...

... in front of babies.

Parsons family said...

Sister Smith,
Glad you are back home, I'm Elder Logan Russell's mom. Have been following your blog since you got called, was sad to see it get put on hold. hey I feel kinda stalkerish! Anyway love your artwork especially the homes that you took pic's of then painted them! I kept telling Logan have sister Smith draw a picture of you, he's a chicken! I would love to keep in touch, hear stories, see pictures etc. Did you go to the ballet with Logan's group? HE said it was AMAZING! glad you're back home safely! Keep in touch, oh and Logan's release date is March 7th 2011, Sister Torst will come home then too.

Victoria Parsons, the stalker!

Rain Coyote said...

Awesome chalk plan of salvation!

K said...

Ach, the chalk chart on the sidewalk. Genius. Love the pictures. Want more. And stories. And everything. I long to hear your voice - the writing one. TA-DA!!