Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Thought of You

Yay for Ryan! We already knew he was the coolest, but he just proved it again!
If you get a chance, go see his exhibit, "Conte Animated" in Gallery 303 of the Harris Fine Arts Center at BYU. It will be up until January 29.

Here's a sampler from opening night. 1 - Ryan, 2 - Masters Adams and Olsen, 3, 4 - Gesture Drawings, 5-7 - several comments that were left in response to the video on youtube. I took the ones I liked best.

8 - Last but not least: Cheryl Johnson! She's too cute!

Really, though. It's much better in person than through my phone-camera.


K said...

This piece of work just kills me every time I see it. I remember what I cannot articulate, but this animation does. I am immediately in 1976, the story spreading for years in each direction, and the female movement is far more beautiful than I ever was on the outside, but so close to what I felt inside myself. The brilliance of the heavy waking arms, the amazing flirtation with gravity, the sad twist of so much truth. It's good work. Very good work. He must be human.

Murphy said...

Ryan is such a master. Thanks for taking the pics! Wish I could have been there!

Rain Coyote said...

Just went today, it was so awesome to see all the sketches and all the thoughts of people all over the world. Ryan's a freaking genius. I love that short.