Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hallow's Eve

When I carve pumpkins I feel like a mad scientist. Lobotomizing through the top with a huge knife? Digging out their innards? Carving all that thick gourd flesh? Don't tell me you don't feel it too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Dan found my USB drive! Its brief vacation from my bag was stressful but finally OVER!! And I'm so glad.
Here's that final-ish animation I promised! I hope this one's clearer. Its still not inbetweened, but the second half is infinitely better.


Junior Pitch was today!
Pitching isn't exactly my favorite thing, but I survived. I had three concepts. None of them made it to the semi-finals, it goes.
I still had fun with the paintings though!

Friday, October 24, 2008


This is the old copy of our first Animation for Cynthia's Animation Studio 2 Class. I just lost my USB, the final version was saved there.
Since I'm paranoid about losing even this back-up copy now, I'm posting it here before I can lose it or blow up the computer or something.

On the bright side - this girl is based on Giselle from Disney's Enchanted and just in case you haven't seen it, the animation and music on that film are drool-worthy!! This was a awesome excuse to watch the beginning sequence and listen to the soundtrack repeatedly.
If I ever find the final I'll try and post that one too. It's much better.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monkey's Aunt

Remember that song? "I love the monkey's uncle"? Disney? From their old school live-action stuff? I'm not sure which show exactly, but I used to dance around our living room to that song all the time.
It really has nothing to do with this Physics simulation, but it's what I think of every time I see it.
Here's a sampling of the 200-some concept-sketches too.

Oh yeah - and I couldn't kill the monkey. It's implied that he's hit off-screen, but that's not true, I put up a bullet-proof barrier to protect him right off camera. So rest assured, no fictional monkeys were harmed in the making of this quicktime.

"I'd live in a jungle gym - in order to be with hiiiiii-iiiim. I love the monkey's uncle and I wish I were the monkey's aunt!
[monkey's aunt!]"
Yay classic-Disney nostalgia!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quick Draw: Audrey Hepburn

"Pick a day. Enjoy it to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come...the past, I think has helped me appreciate the present and I don't want to spoil any of it by fretting about the future."
~Audrey Hepburn

I like Audrey Hepburn. (Well, seriously - who DOESN'T?)
Not only did she set style standards that are practically immortal, she was also really good as a person. She was pretty wise in what parts of her life she made public and private and she really cared about the people she came in contact with. She was smart. She thought about a lot of things very deeply. As her friend Rob Wolders said of her, "In my experience, Audrey was the most introspective person I have ever met, always trying to discover, self-discovery. On the other hand, she had an extraordinary ability to laugh, to try to enjoy life. So she would be very determined to get to the essence of an issue which required study and application, but then afterwards, she had this tremendous need to laugh, to amuse."
She was conservative in her personal presentation - beautiful but not showy or gaudy. Though she was filthy rich she was still very resourceful and generous with her money. Her childhood was definitely not the best (growing up in WWII) and she got stuck in two horrible marriages (though she gave them both her best shot) but she was still really even-tempered and wonderful to be around. I admire that. With all the prima donnas in the media now who spend their time whining about what the world owes's refreshing to think that at one time celebrities had more depth than their superficial, on-screen personas.
She wasn't a saint, of course, but still a really great public role model. Too bad SHE can't be running for president...

Here's to you, Audrey!

Fun fact: Alberto Grazia de Rossi, Audrey's lifelong make-up stylist would use a safety pin to separate each of her eyelashes for her signature knock-out eyes.

I got my information from the book "What Would Audrey Do?" by Pamela Keogh. Which is rad, just in case you were wondering.

[An aside: I know my Quick Draw doesn't do her justice at all: much too surly and the colors aren't right. Sometime when I have time I'll do a more in-depth study. She has fabulous bone structure and I love drawing her eyes!]