Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Death of a Sketchbook.

This weekend I brutally murdered a monster sketchbook. These are some of the spoils of the kill.

Part of my continuing effort to be like Anthony Holden - who draws far better and funner than I do.
Izzy dominated this sketchbook. She won't look like this in the film, but I'm still kind of partial to the red-hair and pink skirt.

On off days, this model doubles as a stoplight.

Yet another self-portrait. Notice I discreetly close the eyes so that you would immediately suspect I'm drawing myself again...

Jake - trying to teach me composition.

Club 11! It spanned the crack and I thought that was cool.

Unrelated: Discovering new music is like discovering a new favorite food. But unlike food, which often inspires hoarding and binge-ing, music just makes me want to share! So if you're bored with your stuff, get a taste of Mika, Jay Newland, Owl City, Missy Higgins and Joshua Minsky. All of whom rock the house.