Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Luck

 This morning in Ryan's class when my USB flipped out and corrupted right before I needed to present my March project! 

Obviously, I just lost all my USB information but the thing that miffed me the most was that I've spent nearly a week of sleepless nights trying to get some good revisions in before our actual presentation. I finally got some good ones last night at approximately 3:00 in the am and saved them immediately to ensure their safety. Little did I know, my USB was plotting their demise behind the scenes only unveiling its nefarious plot a second before their debut!

How annoying.

Still annoyed about that, actually.

I found all the first drafts on my home computer, though. Thank goodness.

About the paintings themselves: I tried to employ a little impressionism into the painting style. Wasn't fully successful, but it's coming! I love painting in Corel, too. So hopefully when I do the revisions (again) they'll be...better.











ThunderDan said...

They look great, sorry you didn't get to show them off in class.

Rachel B said...

Pah! That's lame indeed. I really like the color schemes of the stuff you've got, though. I think you nailed the sunrise one; there's nothing else that can be mistaken for.

Ty Carter said...

I never got to see these Laura! I really love your colors. Each painting has a distinct personality.

Ty Carter said...

We never got to see these! I love the colors, each piece has a very distinct personality to it.

Stacey Bethers said...

These are so great! And I'm so incredebly sorry about the flash drive... I really can't believe that happened. Especially after those long, late, sleepless nights we put in.

Anyway I think the stormy one, the afternoon painting, and the spring painting are my favorites! Beautiful!

Jake said...

You... are champion in all things.

koryface said...

wow these are money for sure. i'm sorry about your troubles. murphy's law kicks my butt consistently (ever try javascript?) so i feel your pain. i really like your photography. they trees were my favorite.