Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Draw: Artemis

Today's topic: Emulation of Heidi Smith crossed with Greek Mythology!
Cool, huh?
It took me much longer to finish this than Al and Stacey, but it was really fun! I couldn't help myself.
I don't think this is anywhere close to finished either. Hopefully, I can try again later too.


Alan Bradshaw said...

I think that you were successful in your aim to emulate the texture that she uses, and the messy, fast style that she uses, but I think you were not as successful in your aim to try to give too many outlines to the piece. It looking good though.

Anthony Holden said...

Who comes up with the topics at work?

Stacey said...

I like it Laura. ^^ Especially the hair!

Jake Wyatt said...

AWESOME! Such TEXTURE, such CLASS!!! You have my vote.