Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick Draw: Negative Space

Today's theme: Using negative space to draw an animal.
We drew for close to an hour today. oops. This was stinking hard, though! I have so much respect who can actually do this kind of art. Negative space is a tricky beast.


Alan Bradshaw said...

This was a difficult exercise, and i think you did a pretty good job. I bet if you kept trying to draw like this, that you could nail it after a few times. stellar!

Rob Allen said...

I think you got the negative space part better than anyone else. I'd erase the line under its chin and let that blend in too. Thanks for inviting me to join in. It's good for me and fun and those two things don't always go together now do they?

Jake Wyatt said...

Nice. What brush settings did you use? Looks like a black velvet painting.


kwistin said...

What was your process on this? I haven't drawn with negative space for, like...a year and a half. It's a great way to train your eyes. Props to you!