Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good morning, Fall Semester!!

I found out today that Google is continuing their peaceful world takeover with the creation of their new web browser: Google Chrome! The funny thing is, even though I know they're expanding with no sign of capping off - I just keep buying it! Or rather...not buying - because it's free! But, heck, Google seems to know what's what. If people ran countries the way Google runs business and handles their users...the world would be a better place.

School's started again though!! And while that means working out some fantastic schedule headaches, it also means that EVERYONE'S BACK! It's great! It's like watching a star form (not that I've ever done that...) - all this energy amassing in this one place - bursting with ideas and ambition and hunger for knowledge! I love it!

It's kind of stressful, though. I could really use some yoga.


Jake Wyatt said...

Looks like you've been checking out the daily figure with that fluid, gestural bid'ness you've got going on. Fancy.

Laura said...

Guilty as charged! I've still got about twenty years before I can do work of that caliber, though.

Ginna said...

I like your little sketches, lots of movement in them, and so cute!

rabidmilkman said...

Google for president! I'm totally writing that in.
But who should the running mate be? Well, I'm glad I asked. Everyone knows the only thing that's almost as cool as Google is strawberry milkshakes.