Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wait Until Dark

I'm not a fan of horror films. Really really DISlike them, actually.
But in honor of Halloween and Audrey Hepburn and Stacey Bethers, I decided to make an exception for tonight night and watch one.

Note to self: late night horror movies are never a good idea especially on the creepiest night of the year.
I'm so jittery, I can't sleep. I'm checking my blinds regularly to make sure there isn't a pale blue van outside; I've compulsively locked the door at least three times; I'm blasting pop music to try and get the dissonant, violins out of my head; and I nearly jump out of my skin every time something moves or the heater goes on.

All I can see is that horrid image of the villain dragging himself with a bloody knife towards a screaming, sobbing Audrey. Ugh. I think my mind is exaggerating how terrifying he actually was, but that knowledge doesn't help much.

The film overall was quite good. Audrey did a superb job of playing a blind woman. It must have taken quite a bit of practice to get her eyes to stop focusing on her surroundings. I'm super ticked at Sam. His good-guy role forces me to think favorably of him, but what a turd! I thought he'd run up and clutch Susy with everything he had when he found out she was miraculously still alive. But no, he waits as she stumbles over furniture and uses Gloria's assistance before embracing her at all.
Susy's brilliant.

It's too bad "Mike" had to die. I liked him. He was the only criminal with a conscience. But that would have created complications with Sam so I suppose it made sense to kill him off. At least he ended on a high.

Gloria's character arc was fascinating: she was wretched in the beginning, but by the end I would have given her a halo and gold medal. So clever! Her character was very skillfully done.

Phew, feeling calmer now. In conclusion: I'm glad I can see and gladder that there are no dolls or music boxes or drugs in my apartment. Definite plus.

Thanks for listening!


J said...

You're a big girl now!

I love it when horror films actually scare me. Or, actually, I hate it. Well...

I guess it's a healthy respect. I'm like, "Wow, good job. You scared me. That's hard to do. Hat's off."

And then I blast happy music and read a funny book to avoid crying myself to sleep with fear.

Jake Wyatt said...

I love that movie with my whole soul. I've never seen a thriller in which I was so emotionally invested besides Wait Until Dark.