Monday, April 20, 2009


It's so satisfying to finish a semester and actually have something to show for it other than a report card.

This is our German/Scandinavian film Project. Created by Dane Christenson, Sarah Elliott, Rebecca Witmer and myself.

Der Himmel Über BYU from Laura Smith on Vimeo.
The film had to:
- Include a montage
- Include a shadow (as a significant part of the story)
- Include a close-up
- Be exactly two minutes (which we totally broke. oops)
- Recreate a scene from either Wings of Desire (German: Der Himmel Über Berlin) or Wild Strawberries (Swedish: Smultronstället). We chose the German one. Klar!

If you're having trouble understanding what's going on because you haven't seen that movie, this might help: I am an angel. Angels wear trench coats and have ponytails. Angels see things in Black and White and can hear people's thoughts. There's no voice-over of what DJ is thinking - it's implied through the montage instead. DJ is the real person. His world is in color. He cannot see/interact with angels.

We all dabbled in all parts of the filmmaking but two credits that deserve special attention: DJ is responsible for the excellent editing and Sarah bought us all Smart Cookies when we were burning out. mmmm. Cookies.


Markham Carroll said...

That was pretty good! Great choice of music, too - I'd just gotten the soundtrack to "Seven Years in Tibet" just a couple weeks ago.

Jake Wyatt said...


MAN, that is soooo Kunst-Haus!!! REALLY cool editing, FUN compositions, I love the pan up to reveal Laura Der Engel sitting atop the modern Art. Super creative stuff, Laura. Really fun work.

Sorry I'm so gushy. You should make a some more films. Like, with a camera.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Interesting. That montage was pretty sweet.

kwistin said...

Good work, dear!

Ah, I love that feeling and you captured it perfectly: having something to show for it [kajillions of hours of hard work] other than a report card.

This looks like it was fun to make. I especially liked the facial hair job. I can't believe you guys weren't booted off the campus because it was so realistic. You honor code rebels. :)

But really. Good work.

J said...

Nice work, little filmmaker.

Favorite element: Sharpie Beard

CoyoteLion said...

Woah! You disappeared! Awesome. I haven't seen those movies, but that was a cool little film youz guys made. That's cool that angels wear trench coats. the very thought made me smile.