Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Ferre Tale

These are illustrations for Aimee Fairy of Olive Branch Design which designs cute things from paper, ribbons and ordinary scrap-booking materials to make magical eye candy that benefits business, events etc. Aimee herself is pretty spunky and adorable. It was fun to do this project with her.
Aimee commissioned me to illustrate a promotional called a "Ferre Tale" (pronounced like "fairy tale") which they could send to businesses and corporations and show them how classy they are.
The promotion ran about two years ago so I won't be spoiling anything by releasing them on the web now. :)


K said...

I like it. I really like the little subtle things that make your 2D characters really pop = angles of foot and head, twists of body. And Aimee herself comes off as a very provocative, competent person. But from the promotion, I don't get what she does????? Magic, yes - but of what kind? Because what little you described at the beginning interested me. But I'm left thinking - hmmm, she does something with paper -

my security word is "argeods". Does that mean rocks, that when you crack them open, are full of silver crystals?

Murphy said...

It came in a cool little book mom, I think that was what she did, those paper products to make things more buyable. But maybe more?
I like it Laura, Boy you sure can draw a guy in a suit too ;).
I agree with my mom, Aimee looks like she's busy and occupied in magically doing things that are normal to her, but impossible to us.

There are people in real life who do this too, they occupy themselves doing things they understand that look like magic to us. Kind of like your drawing, I don't understand how you get where you get, but I'm glad you do.
Your fiancé.