Saturday, May 7, 2011

Business Cards for Allyson

I love it when stuff that I love to do matches up with what other people want me to do!
My friend Allyson is a talented cook and artist, but is still shy of drawing so she asked me to do some business cards for her budding cookie business. SWEET deal. Pun intended.

P.S. For anyone interested, I do the business card designs for $5 - and (for now) I'll print the first ten for free.


K said...

I PROMISE I'll pick the words I want soon. PROMISE. I feel like a goldfish, right now, swimming around and around with my mouth just opening and closing, opening and closing. This card is great, too. YOU are great.

Murphy said...

Oh I just TOTALLY love these charicatures. Totally fantastic.
I love the one you made for me so much. That's why it's ME, all over the web!
I love you.