Monday, March 19, 2012

London Town

I left my heart in London. 


K said...

You and I are so different. London didn't touch my heart at all. I didn't like it. Too stiff. Too city. Now, Newport in Wales, yes - a stile across a hedgerow, leading to a footpath across a farm, yes. Your heart has tall clocks in it; mine green things I don't have to look after. That color piece of the part? It reminded me of Rie Munoz - have you ever seen her watercolors? Well - yes you have, because there are some in my big room. I so recognized that skirt the girl in the Hyde Park couple was wearing. And I very much liked the body-line studies.

Laura said...

OH MY GOSH! I left a bigger heart in Cornwall. WOW. It's painful how beautiful that was. But I didn't get any sketching done there. We were driving most of the time.