Friday, June 6, 2008

Lighting C_11

Lighting takes for-officially-EVER.
I blame it on my hideous rendering abilities. If I knew more about it I might be able to speed it up somehow.
In any case, this shot finally made it to the finish line. It hasn't quite crossed that threshold because Jed still needs to approve and the buildings in the background are still having issues, but heck! I wanted to post.

And for general entertainment purposes, and to feel good about how far I've come in lighting knowledge: this is how it USED to look.


Murphy said...

I think you've come QUITE a ways! I really like how this shot looks!
But I think I do like the second picture better :)

action007 said...

lol I love the sad expression on the boy's face (not to mention he doesn't have any arms)... classic! looks like you really cheered him up! Keep up the great work Laura!

Rachel B said...

Haha, the second Boy looks like a sad bug that got its legs pulled off. Probably by Jake.

Anthony Holden said...

I don't know a thing about lighting or rendering, so I applaud you! This looks great!

Josh H. Black said...

I must say adding the arms and that wonderful lighting made a huge difference. Love it!