Saturday, July 19, 2008

Story stories

Everyone is a little obsessed with story. They swirl around us everywhere in acquaintances, strangers, objects, papers, movies, food - everything has a story!

Some are little more obsessed than others. Everywhere they go, everything they do - there's a magnifying glass in front of their eyes as they dissect the world around them and find the stories that are dripping from every corner of life. It's a talent, it's a gift, it's....really really really cool!!

I haven't reached that level. YET.

But every day I get a little better at it. And this year I am planning a full-scale invasion of story (via an Honor's Thesis)! I want to dissect it: find out what makes stories fly and what makes them flop.
What sends it straight to the heart?
What makes it so compelling that people will sacrifice sleep, food, and human contact to stay inside?
What makes cliffhangers so wonderfully annoying?
How do the stories we absorb change us?
How do some storytellers make even the most mundane things interesting while others make amazing exploits sound drab?
What does it take to make a good story?
How can I do it?

To find out, I just shopped way too much on Amazon. hehe. I'm not feeling guilty yet either. :)

REAL stories:
"The PIXAR Touch" is a really awesome book! It tells the story of Pixar's early years. I knew they had hard times in the beginning, but I didn't know there were so many of them! It just makes me love them more.
Anyway, very well done by David A. Price. If you feel like spending some bucks on Amazon too, I'd recommend.

Kites is tantalizingly close to being done! Technical problems keep popping up, but we're rendering hardcore. There are only about five people left to work on it. haha, but it's only a matter of time.
Sorry about no art-posting lately, too. I haven't done anything but render and pitter about with non-artistic stuff on the computer, and I don't feel like scanning in my traditional stuff.

In other news: My friends Jake and Anthony have just finished they're first comic book, Peep Show! They know a LOT about story too. I love watching them observe - it always teaches me something. You go guys.


J said...

First: Thanks.

Second: Your post helped remind me why stories are the blood of my life, and my greatest passion. Go you. And good luck answering all of those questions.

Josh H. Black said...

Wow that some deep stuff I feel like story is in me some where but well it's going to take a while to wake that dormant side of my brain. I loved your story for character design and felt it had some very intriguing twists and spins. It will be a lot of fun watching and listening to all the senior film pitches for our class. Can't wait!

Josh H. Black said...

Oh and just fyi I shaved my magnificent decadent beard:(