Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Six Things

My Frogger Kristin tagged me a while ago to reveal "six things most people don't know". Typically I don't do tag-items, but decided to make an exception for this one because I wanted to be vain and creative and play in the snow.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find a cool, free, online gadget that would help me in my presentation so flickr will have to do.
Instructions! Click on the picture and then click on the slideshow icon just to the right of the picture (it looks like a little mini projector screen). You can speed through or just let it play, but you have to go in order or it won't make sense!

Also...this took a ridiculously long time (you can tell by the changing light) and I practically froze my hands off. I do NOT recommend this method to any logical, self-preserving person. Especially if they have bad circulation.
However, all irrational, destructive persons who love the snow and have some extra yarn and time - I challenge you to a snow-yarn-writing duel!


e.smith said...

YAY! That was amazing. I like the "color" one the best! I didn't even know we had that cool yarn!

Ginna said...

that was so AWESOME! the 6 things were fun and cool, but the method of delivery was unparalleled.
I hope you still have some unfrozen fingers and toes after that!

kwistin said...

This was SO worth waiting for! How long did it take you??

Thanks for doing it, dear, because it was amazing. We should share phone pictures sometime... :)

Rob Allen said...

You are a funny nut. I like your snow writing. I wish I had a Peruvian bone flute or something to add you your collection.

The Rabidmilkman said...

That was the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. My favorite is the "hats" frame. Way to flex your creative muscles!

Chelsea Stebar said...

That was quite magical.

J said...

You are so unbelievably hardcore. Kudos.

I really enjoyed it. Watched it twice, turns out. And I summarily decided that your dedication and discipline far surpass mine in every respect.