Sunday, May 8, 2011


I was contemplating how much I love this piece from Brittney Lee and decided to try to emulate her yesterday but in the other direction. I LOVE yoga and have never felt confused or lost in a yoga session. CARDIO, however, is a whole different game. I'm still...finding my feet as it were.
I especially love Brittney's colors. and her painterly feel of drawing with or without outlines as stylistically required. Those are two things I've been trying to understand better.

Critiques welcome. :)


K said...

Actually, this is about how I feel in my entire LIFE. All those girls moving freely, smiling, colorful clothes. Me. White and gray and looking around to try and figure out what's going on -

Yeah. I think you said it.

Murphy said...

Looks real nice Laura!
Something I really that I think that Brittany Lee has in her stuff that hasn't taken shape here yet is the clarity of form she has in all of her subjects. Even though things can be "messy" looking, all of the outlines of objects are clearly defined, and because of that it becomes easier to see how the composition of shapes and colors flows.
That comment may not be very valid though considering how much I really haven't studied drawing :).
Good work!

Megan said...

Good point, Murphy - I think you're right.

(Btw. The only thing you lack in drawing is practice. You're eyes still work. :)