Wednesday, May 11, 2011


P.S. Have I mentioned recently that I have the COOLEST PROFESSORS IN THE WORLD? Ryan Woodward did the Google-Doodle animation honoring Martha Graham today. It's so fun to watch that even google is having trouble handling all the traffic.


K said...

Okay - so that second painting down was DEFINITELY not you and M. The day he sees the top of your head, he'll be standing on a ladder. Fun work. Made me sigh. I'll have to meet Ryan W some day. I want to see the face behind all that fabulous moving line.

Rain Coyote said...

I kept going to google all day yesterday for the sake of just seeing that animated dancing person. It was fabulous. Good ol Ryan.

K said...

Okay, now this is just weird. I left a comment on this one. Where is it, dang it? I can't remember what I said. But I love the top one, like lovers in the rain. But the second one couldn't be you and M, because the only way he's ever going to see the top of your head is if he climbs up on a step ladder. Fun character studies. Nice line.

kwistin said...

oh! oh! LOVE these. know what they remind me of? sketchventures. and sketchisodes.

when, laura? ...WHEN?!