Monday, November 12, 2012

A Girl in the Snow

Often, I wear flats when they are the least helpful. Last Friday, my flats were made of cloth and in the middle of our snowstorm, they functioned about as well as socks. That evening, Murphy braved the blizzard to fetch the car and pick me up. While waiting for him to return, this girl walked in. Her matching scarf and umbrella were only improved by her awesome hair! She was too adorable not to sketch (and then paint). 


Murphy said...

I didn't see her, me being with the car, but I love the reality in the painting. I feel like I did see her, and I'm remembering it. Good job catching her in the moment when she was there. I think it's impressive that you were able to keep her impression until you got home.

K said...

Nice. I'm with Murphy. I don't have the vocabulary to explain what I like - but it's like the gesture lines, the casual shape of the turn of body, the process of her hands and intent.