Monday, November 19, 2012

Nephe (revised)

Phew! After a lot of late nights with my Cintiq, Nephe is finally done! I would have done some things differently if I'd known when I started what I know now. But that's the story of life, right? 
Huge thanks to James Bourne and Chris Hayes for the support, critiques, and additional late nights they gave in order to get Reality not Included all together. 


Jordan Petersen said...

This is really neat. Wonderfully inventive concept, and I dig the kinetic energy of the art and paneling.


K said...

I really like this. I like the nuances and the movement. It's too small for me to read it, so I'm not sure exactly where the silver came from, but the concept is heady, and the courage is bracing.

James Bourne said...

Thank you Laura. We appreciate your participation and the effort you put into this. Your work has made significant improvements lately.