Sunday, May 31, 2009

If Elmo were Emo...

While we were in SLC, we went to Urban Outfitters and found out that my camera has a timer. And that Urban Outfitters has a lot of cool merchandise.
Partly because we all watched Alphabet-shows when we were younger and thus have a natural inclination to play with big letters, partly because Kristin is Typographoholic and partly just because the letters were pretty - we played composition games with them for approximately an hour and half before heading home. hehe

We're going to pitch to Sesame Street and see if they can't make the show a little edgier and more accessible to their young adult audiences.

This program was made possible by Viewers Like You. Thank you.

Sketchventure-sode in SLC!

Saturday was Sketch adventure day in Salt Lake!

I went with these ^ two wonderful people to paint/sketch/photograph the cool houses in Northern SLC. Even though we didn't find the neighborhood we were looking for, we did find plenty of cool houses.

Ivy may be destructive to your house, but it gives the house such a rustic, lived-in look. I guess it's kind of like a house's sun tan. Bad for it, but so irresistibly pretty....

Look! They match! :)

^ This house was slightly to the right of the cool driveway below.

Sunlit trees are sooooo beautiful.

I can't even say how great it was to paint outside. I'm taking a plein aire class when I get back.

Sketchventure-sode in Provo

At about 9:00p, Kristin asked me if I was doing anything. I guessed I didn't since I was done with Drew's graduation and we went on a little sketch adventure in Barnes & Noble and Gelato's.
SO fun.
Friends that sketch together stay together.

Jake and Anthony told me about these watercolor brush-pens and I can understand why they're so enthralled by them. I've got Kristin hooked on them now too. :P

PS. Jon J Muth and Brittney Lee ARE AWESOME.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


In an effort to learn Flash, I accepted an offer from Film Student Asia Stryker to do this animation for the Novell Groupwise competition. It was fun and we might actually have a fighting chance at this thing! There are two different logo-endings. I like the first one better. It flows a little better, I think.
SO!...for your perusing pleasure:

UPDATE [5/22/09] - We got Fourth Place in the Competition. But that's only because there was some pretty rampant Nepotism going on. It's causing a mini-scandal in the Film Program right now. Just know, though - We WOULD HAVE gotten third. :P

Friday, May 1, 2009


Sis and I watched "My Neighbor Totoro" last night. That film is phenomenal. And it was born the same year I was! If I could relive my childhood, I would definitely do it as a Miyazaki character.